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Now entering our 34th year as a Choral Band, the Suite's musical range keeps expanding. Covering everything from Doowop to Country, Vocal Jazz to Folk, Calypso to Contemporary Christian, Instrumental to A Cappella - just stick around long enough at one of our concerts and you're bound to hear something you'll like.

The Suite, bottom row,l to r: Judy Transue, Producer, Vocals, Violin, Mandolin & Guitar; Nikki Transue Conklin, Vocals & Guitar; Maria Lawn, Vocals & Guitar; middle row: Ed Gibbons, Percussion; Suzanne Scari, Vocals & Guitar; William Lapenz III, Vocals, Bass & Guitar; top row: Matt Custer, Director, Vocals & Bass; Joe Mendillo, Vocals & Lead Guitar; Les Keeper, Vocals & Guitar. Not Shown: Mike Scari, Sound Technician. Also shown below: Walter Guasp-Santos, Vocals & Guitar (Suite Member Emeritus).

Suite Inspiration

The Choral Band